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Welcome to MEGA APKs. This site was founded in 2021 and is run by Android enthusiasts with a true passion for everything Android.It was founded on the belief that knowledge should not be limited to only those that happen to be part of a few social groups that are barely accessible to all. Instead, we believe that knowledge should be openly shared and accessible to all searching for it.

We have embarked on our journey and launched our online platform in 2023 with a clear set of objectives: To be the 1 Stop for everything Android-related with a deep focus on understanding and catering to our audience while helping to nurture our growing community of new Android users.

What started years ago as a small group of android enthusiasts has grown into a large community on Reddit. Our focus and goal were to help anyone improve and enhance their Android experience & today; we are a community with over 50,000 users collectively. By having an online community with like-minded individuals, we become one of the best sources for Android News, Discussions, Tips, Tricks & Support.

We have always welcomed the opportunity to learn new things, discover new apps, tweak our devices & even integrate our Android mobile phones with other devices around the house. Whatever new tricks we learn, we love to share them with everyone else.

It is no secret that Android devices have become more powerful over the years. Their capabilities are now endless, so we have decided to write blog tutorials, guides & Android tricks to help other users take full advantage of their Android devices. Whether you are an experienced Android user or a new Android user, MEGA APKs will have a guide for you!

We hope you find our website, blogs & tutorials very helpful in keeping you informed & updated. Please spread the word and help us grow our community!

Thank You for visiting the website.

If you have any questions, queries, or feedback about our website, feel free to contact us via email at: [email protected]